Bug in tvOS On-Demand Resources

Here is a bug in tvOS (possibly in iOS too) that can affect you if you work on On-Demand Resources on tvOS app.

Recently I’ve been working on On-Demand Resources for my tvOS app. Nothing fancy, just want to get a video file through ODR and play it.

Found this bug where the downloaded ODR asset will magically disappear after you present or dismiss a view controller.

It goes like this:

  • Create a NSBundleResourceRequest like NSBundleResourceRequest.init(tags: [“tag name”])
  • Call beginAccessingResourcesWithCompletionHandler
  • Asset is ready for use, hooray!
  • If presentViewController or dismissViewControllerAnimated is called, the downloaded asset will become unavailable, i.e. NSBundle.mainBundle().pathForResource returns nil.

Work-around? Avoid presenting/dismissing view controller as long as you still need the ODR asset.

Ticket #26892545 raised in Apple Bug Reporter (a.k.a. Radar).

Bug in tvOS On-Demand Resources
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