I love creating delightful software products. These days I often work on iOS apps using SwiftUI/Swift/Objective-C. I have also built backend services and used other languages and technology.

Client/full-time work

  • Snapchat iOS app 2019 - 2022
  • Macquarie Bank iOS app 2017 - 2018
  • My Optus iPhone and iPad apps 2014 - 2017
  • AMP banking and superannuation iPhone and iPad apps 2013 - 2014

Independent projects

Jamophone iOS app

A musical instrument app where you can play and record and share music, as well as listening to music created by others. I developed the UI using SwiftUI/Swift/Objective-C/C++ and backend services using Go/PostgresQL/Docker hosted on AWS.

Nature tvOS app

A tvOS app that allows you to be immersed in a variety of virtual natural landscape, in the form of video and sound footage. Tech used: tvOS, On-Demand Resources, video editing.


Languages SwiftUI, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, Go, SQL, C++, Python, PHP
iOS Frameworks Audio Toolbox framework (AudioUnit), AVFoundation (AVAudioSession), CallKit (VoIP calling), CoreData, PassKit (Apple Pay), StoreKit (In-App Purchase), SwiftUI, UIKit
Cross platform Flutter, React Native
Tools BigQuery, Crashlytics, CocoaPods, Fastlane, Figma, Firebase Analytics, Git, Grafana/Graphite, Lottie animation, XCUITest
Frontend AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS, Ember.js, React
Backend Express.js, Go, Node.js, PHP
Database DynamoDB, MySQL, PostgresSQL
AWS Alexa, Device Farm, DynamoDB, EC2, Lambda, SES, SNS
Other Docker, On-Demand Resources (iOS/tvOS), Stripe API, tvOS, watchOS

Specialized knowledge

  • Apple app store development and release administration
  • Real-time audio playback and recording
  • Sound synthesis

Past independent projects

Petrol Check Australia

An Alexa skill that allows you to get latest petrol buying trends in Australian capital cities, as well as exact price info in NSW. Tech used: Alexa Skills Kit, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Lambda. 2018 - 2022


A service for app developers to collect feedback for their apps easily. Tech used: Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, Ember.js, AngularJS, Bootstrap, AWS EC2, AWS SES, Stripe. 2014 - 2015


A website and a Facebook application that allows people to upload descriptions and photos of household items that they want to sell or give away. Tech used: PHP, Apache, MySQL, Dojo Toolkit, jQuery. 2009 - 2010